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What is a Job Survey?

The Job Survey from McQuaig is an online tool comprising of 6 individual reports. It helps managers, stakeholders clearly and quickly define the behavioural requirements for any job at any level.

A job description (tasks and duties) will tell us what we want someone to do. The Job Survey will tell us how we want them to do it.

Why use it?
  • Establish the behaviours you want in a role
  • Line managers can identify candidates who are best suited to the role
  • You can create an internal benchmark for every role in the organisation
  • Re-evaluate a role after a long standing employee has left to ensure job behaviours are up to date with organisational needs

What’s included?

  1. The Profile – A picture of the specific temperament/ behaviour pattern for a role.
  2. Interpretation report – An overview of expectations for high performance in this job. This report will highlight specific behavioural factors, potential considerations and includes CV screening tips.
  3. Leadership Profile – Provides insight on leadership requirements, including a breakdown of expected approach motivating, team building, problem solving, decision-making and a description of the developmental considerations that would be associated with these behaviours.
  4. Selling Style Report – Provides a summary of the behavioural requirements for this sales position followed by a breakdown of how candidates should approach prospecting, presenting and closing.
  5. Interviewing Questions – Behaviour based questions that specifically relate to the role. These are designed to elicit responses that will help the candidate describe they have behaved in the past.
  6. Reference Checking Questions – Behaviour based questions that specifically relate to the role. These are designed to elicit responses from a referee.
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