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Choose either a Free-Style video pitch or a structured Video Interview, where candidates are asked a series of questions and given a set time in which to answer. Including video interviewing technology allows you to gain clear and immediate insight from day 1 of your process.


To truly understand the strength and fit of a candidate to your organisation, you must include profiling. We use the latest technology from the 3 leading providers to augment and improve the recruitment process. Using our tests, you will increase staff retention and the productivity of your workforce


Key Competencies. Key Facts. References and other supporting documents are taken from the candidate and presented to you. This allows you to cross-reference and check details, whilst gaining valuable insight and understanding of the strengths of the candidate.


ASL, provides you with easy and unhindered access to all information taken during the first interview stage. Each hiring manager can log-in (on phones, tablets or laptops), from any location. They can review candidates, communicate with colleagues and make evidence based, collaborative decisions.


ASL Search offer an unmatched range of services. Reduce your commercial downtime, drive candidate engagement, increase your productivity and deliver exceptional results. Our award-winning technology increases staff retention, drives candidate engagement and streamlines your recruitment process, end to end.
We are very keen to demonstrate the power of our service. Please contact us to arrange a brief no-obligation tour of our platform.

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ASL Search utilises the latest cutting-edge technology to improve and augment the recruitment process. This investment in technology provides a unique and unquestionable advantage in recruiting the best candidates, whilst reducing time for everyone involved!


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